How Remove Windows Modules Installer Worker From Task Manager

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Windows Modules Installer Worker (TiWorker.exe) is a system process that’s accountable for installing both the Windows modules and operating system updates. This process is initiated from the TrustedInstaller service, and it is responsible for upgrading Windows and a few system elements. This time we’ll also have a peek at how to turn off windows modules installer worker windows 10.

Another significant thing Is this process can cut the rate & function efficiency of your system.

But matters aren’t as bad. Windows Modules Installer Worker Installs updates you will need: safety elements, which enable you to maintain your operating system secure. Each update reduces the prospect of a virus attack.

Windows Modules Installer Worker

Why Windows Modules Installer Worker Lots Your CPU?


The high CPU load is Occurring as a result of the continuous look of updates by Windows Modules Installer Worker. In Windows operating system updates have been defined to be set up at night (not to disturb user). But generally, our computers switched off during the night, hence the only real solution to this will be to get and install updates throughout the workday.

You can inquire –“However, what the gap in what time to get Those updates? Could it really large load your CPU?”. Yes, it could. In the event, you’re living in a different component of Earth, and also Microsoft server working in another time zone, you’ll be permitted for upgrading only if the resources abandoned. Owing to that, Windows Modules Installer Worker can stick into a loop discovering the origin of downloading.

Generally, the very fact that TiWorker.exe high-speed the CPU, RAM or pushes is the normal performance of Windows Modules Installer. Normally, this occurs when you mechanically or manually hunt for Windows 10 updates or put in them. Sometimes–if designing a computer or notebook. Another question–just how long there’s a high action of this process?

In Cases like This, It’s usually enough to await the installer to finish its job, which may have a very long time (up to hours) on slow notebooks together with slow hard drives, and when updates have never been assessed and downloaded for quite a lengthy time.

If you understand that the TiWorker.exe Process triggers a load of 80-100per cent for one hour or more, to start with, try to reboot your device. Allow the system bootup, wait 5 minutes and then watch the action of these processes. Sometimes, following a resume, the action of Windows Modules Installer Worker is considerably diminished.

Attempt manually hunt for Windows updates. To do this, press on That the Win + I and then visit the Update and Security > Windows Update section. Press Check for Updates button.

In case of Windows updates are Accessible, wait till they are downloaded and installed. After the setup is done, restart your computer, wait for 10 minutes after boot up, and examine the action of this TiWorker.exe process.

The way to disable the Windows Modules Installer Worker or End Task?

It’s not Suggested to stop Windows Modules Installer Worker. However, in the event, your computer gets a slow operation for a very long time or it merely disturbs you through your job, it is possible to disable Windows Modules Installer Worker.

To do this, follow steps:

  1. Drive the switches Ctrl+Shift+Esc and proceed to Task supervisor.
  2. Locate the Windows Modules Installer Worker process (TiWorker.exe) from the listing.
  3. Right-click it and also in a brand new menu select End task.


This remedy is fast but will not assist you in quite a lengthy time frame. After a time or following reboot, Windows Modules Installer Worker will operate again. To totally discontinue this process in your device you want to modify its startup settings.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Proceed into Task Manager > Services.
  2. At the base click the Open Services button.
  3. Locate Windows Modules Installer Worker from the listing, right-click it and visit the Properties
  4. In area Startup kind selects Disabled. Now click OK.

Significant! It’s Important to not forget that Windows Modules Installer Worker process can help you to maintain your own personal information and OS protected from virus attacks, therefore it is required to keep it operating all time. Disable Windows Modules Installer Worker just in the event of genuine need!

Along with also a few more points about the large load generated by TiWorker.exe:

o Sometimes the problem may be brought on by compatible devices or their proprietary applications from Windows Startup (specifically, it had been discovered for HP Service Assistant and services of additional printers that are old ). Following their removal, the system load Due to the TiWorker.exe process Wasn’t replicated;

o In case the problem happens sometimes and disappears after some time, you may specify a very low priority to the process from the Task Manager. Therefore, it’s going to need to perform its job more, however, TiWorker.exe will have less impact on what you’re doing on your computer. Run Task Manager, click TiWorker.exe and Choose Establish Scan -> Low.